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Month: December 2019

Meet the Team

Meet the team

Board of Directors

  • Frances Jaramillo


    AKA: Dog Mom
    Spirit Animal: Wolf

  • Steve Hull


    Spirit Animal: Dolphin
    Favorite Team: Red Sox

  • John Tinguely

    COO | CFO

    Favorite Word: Stuff
    Hobby: Remodeling

  • Ida Tinguely

    SVP Human Resources

    AKA: Employment Match Maker
    Spirit Animal: Arabian Stallion

The Management Team

  • Lupe Montoya

    VP of Sales

    Favorite Smell: Rainy Day
    Secret Super Power: Animal Whisperer

  • paul

    Paul Hartwig

    Sr. Director of SLG

    Spirit Animal: Hummingbird
    Favorite Smell: Racing Fuel

  • Jennyfer Guebert

    Director of Marketing

    Spirit Animal: Wolf
    Super Hero: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Sam Nunez

    Director of Sales

    Spirit Animal: English Bulldog
    Heroes: My Parents

Associate Team

  • Amy

    AKA: Amateur Comedian
    Spirit Animal: Domestic Cat

  • Arya

  • Aubrey

    Spirit Animal: Bucking Bronco
    Favorite Hobby: Camping

  • Austin

    Spirit Animal: Panda
    Favorite Word: Shenanigans
  • Brady

  • Brandon

    Favorite author: Brent Weeks
    Spirit Animal: Goat

  • Brandy

    Favorite Smell: Vanilla Bean
    Favorite Hobby: Reading

  • Chris

    Favorite Smell: Gardenia
    Secret Superpower: Patience

  • Chris S

    Favorite Smell: Mountain Air
    Spirit Animal: Tiger

  • Christina

    Spirit Animal: The Phoenix
    Favorite Word: Inconceivable

  • Coda

  • Cody

  • Crystal

  • Dano

  • Debbie

  • Dillon

  • Dion

  • Dorian

    Spirit Animal: Ram
    Favorite Smell: Freshly Brewed Coffee

  • Emily

    Favorite Word: Loamy
    Secret Talent: Streamer Extraordinaire

  • Freya

  • Gaston

    Pastime: Bicycling
    Favorite Sport: Basketball

  • Henry

    Spirit Animal: Palaeoloxodon namadicus
    Pastime: Snowboarding & Video Games

  • Jackie

  • Jake

  • Janna

    Favorite Hero: Wonder Woman, for ensuring everyone is okay and all is good

  • Jennifer S

    Favorite Word: Persnickety
    Secret Superpower: Finding Shark Teeth

  • Jennifer W

    Favorite Sport: College Basketball
    Favorite Beverage: Coffee

  • Jeremy

    Spirit Animal: Crow
    Favorite Smell: Petrichor

  • Joey

    Favorite Pastime: Playing w/grandsons
    Favorite Team: Duke Blue Devils

  • John

    Spirit Animal: Eagle
    Favorite Smell: Lavender

  • Jonathan

    Fun Fact: Fluent in German
    Favorite Team: Hokies

  • Josh

    AKA: Taco
    Favorite Sport: Snowboarding

  • Kaira

  • Kathy

    Favorite Author: David Morrell
    Favorite Smell: Rain

  • Khatu

  • Kimberly

    Favorite Pastime: Basking in the Sun
    Favorite team: 49ers

  • Kirsten

    Favorite Smell: Old Books
    Favorite Sport: Hockey

  • Kratos

  • Lenny

    AKA the Senator
    Favorite Quote: Don’t sweat the small stuff

  • Levi

    Superpower: Breakfast Expert
    Favorite Past Time: Movie Night

  • Lucy

    Favorite word: Epiphany
    Favorite hobby: Crochet

  • Macy

    AKA: Best Hugger
    Favorite Smell:  Flowers

  • Maria

    Spirit Animal: Bush Baby
    Favorite Author: Cornelia Funke

  • Melanie

  • Mike

    AKA: I am Batman…
    Spirit Animal: Bat – of course!

  • Nala

  • Nicole

    Favorite food: Mexican
    Favorite Sports Teams: LA Dodgers and Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Nikki

    Spirit Animal: Lucky Rabbit
    Favorite Pastime: Rewatching Marvel Movies

  • Orlando

    Favorite Book: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  • Ragnar

  • Renee

    Nickname: “Betty Crocker”
    Favorite Smell: Moments after it rains

  • Robert

    Favorite Quote: “Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between.”
    -Maya Angelou

  • Roberto

    Favorite Anime Character: Naruto
    Secret Power: Quoting Movies

  • Sara

  • Shamon

    Spirit Animal: Raven
    Favorite Celebrity: Prince, for his music and originality

  • Vicente

  • Vince

    AKA: Crimson
    Favorite Cartoon Character: Vegeta

  • Yuki and Benny

  • Zero

Work with Us

Are you hard working, committed to community, respectful of everyone, and a fantastic communicator? Do you possess a desire to work with a team of individuals who approach each day as a new adventure? If your answer to those questions was yes – then you’ve stumbled into a potential Pack for yourself, and we’d love to hear from you!

Visit our Careers page to see if there’s an opening that could be right for you. Or click the “Send Us A Note” link below and let us know who you are; why you’re interested in Westwind; what makes you a fit as our potential pack mate; and include your full name with contact information.

Helpful hint – This is not your resume. We’ll reach out for that at a later time. 

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  – Helen Keller

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