Month: July 2020

Rapid Imaging

Westwind and Rapid Imaging

Westwind proudly partners with Rapid Imaging, a situational awareness technology provider.

Featured Partner Product


RespondAR is a UAV application designed to provide geographic augmented reality (AR) overlays on live video. The overlays are superimposed on video frames and provide vectors, polygons and markers representing road and street names, areas of interest and points of interest, similar to Google Maps. Custom GIS information can be display as well using RespondAR’s KMZ Import Feature. This software provides enhanced situational awareness to Pilots in Command, Camera Operators, Incident Commanders and other mission viewers. RespondAR is designed for use by a variety of Emergency Response Personnel, including: Fire Departments, Police Departments, State and Federal Emergency Response Teams, and others.


Smarter Cameras: Blends geographic metadata with live video frames, producing georeferenced video.

Mission Assured: Powered by proven technology, SmartCam3D®, which is deployed with the US Army’s Unmanned Systems Program.

DJI Compatible: RespondAR is compatible with DJI hardware, giving pilots the same features they’d find in DJI Go.

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Healthy & Clean Space Solutions

Healthy & Clean Space Solutions

Healthy & Clean Space Solutions

As your employees return to the office, you’re doing everything you can to create a safe, healthy, and productive workspace. Westwind has been working with our partners to identify a variety of solutions to meet your different workspace needs. 

Common Space/Shared Workspace Solutions:

Common spaces and shared workspaces are necessary. Places of business still need to welcome clients in their lobbies. Employees will still need areas to collaborate or gather. The products below can help reduce the spread of germs and identify potentially ill employees and visitors in higher traffic areas. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales associates for the best solution to meet your specific needs.

temperature screening

Temperature Gauges

Thermometers, thermal cameras, thermal kiosks


Antimicrobial Items

Devices and device covers/cases (rugged computer, Lenovo)
KVM and peripherals (mouse, pen, keyboards)



Handhelds, carts/kiosk carts, scanner, printers, battery back-up, drawers, input capturing solutions (mobile and virtual – ID card scanner, signature pads), digital signage

sterilization device

Sterilization Devices

UV sterilization device, disinfecting products

Monitor & Device Covers

Monitor & Device Covers

Input devices and peripherals


Imaging and Monitoring Units

Employee Specific Items/Open-Office Environments:

While most employers and employees are eager to get back to “normal,” alleviating concerns that some may have about going back to the office will aid productivity. The products below were selected to help you decrease employees’ exposure to germs as they return to their work areas and reduce employee worries about workplace cleanliness. Reducing exposure keeps your employees healthy so you can maintain your necessary staffing levels.


Antimicrobial Items

Devices and device covers/cases (rugged computer, Lenovo)
KVM and peripherals (mouse, pen, keyboards, headsets) and covers


Monitor & Device Covers

Input devices and peripherals

uv sterilization devices

Sterilization devices

UV sterilization device, disinfecting products

phone id scanner


Carts/Kiosk Carts, scanner, printer, battery back-up, drawers, input capturing solutions (mobile and virtual)

plexiglass cover

Other Office Necessities

Air purifiers, plexiglass


As a value-added reseller of IT products, Westwind also has solutions and recommendations for your employees who will continue to work from home. See Optimizing for Remote Workspaces that discusses optimal solutions for maintain employees’ productivity as they transition to remote spaces.

Through our subsidiary company, Roadrunner 3D, we’re printing a variety of PPE.

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