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Our expertise in IT solutions has exposed us to software solutions that are the most important to federal agencies and enterprise companies. We have deep relationships with software manufacturers across the board, which has allowed us to tailor packages for specific needs and have in-depth conversations with customers about the strengths and weaknesses of a particular program. As with all our IT solutions, we view the selection and management of software as a service that should be tailored to each customer. We ask the right questions to help you identify and eliminate pain points. Westwind is your partner in solving problems around your software needs.

Tailored Software Solutions

Westwind offers tailored software solutions for an organization’s specific goals, applications and needs. Purchasing and maintaining key software systems is one of the many ways we help our customers cut costs and increase productivity.

Software Solutions we offer include:

Man and woman stand in Data Backup and Recovery center

Backup and Recovery

Two men focused in a Security Center


Woman at desk using design software on mulitple displays


Man pictured sitting on floor of Data Center as he tests and develops App.

App Development and Testing

Doctors wearing software programed digital Goggles that assist them with specific tasks

Other Task/Job Specific Software Programs

Subscription monitoring

As software has evolved to a subscription-based model, we have identified the need for monitoring renewal periods. Our internal monitoring system helps customers stay on top of software renewals and prevent lapses in coverage, late fees, and lost productivity. This offering has been highly effective at helping customers avoid the common issues associated with subscription-based software pricing.

Having the right software solutions on hand can be a key component to keeping your organization running. Software enables productivity and collaboration. It can streamline your technology, extend the life of your hardware, and maintain a secure environment for your data.

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