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As a Value-Added Reseller of IT solutions, Westwind understands what you need in terms of security, flexibility, and architecture when building out data centers. Building a complete solution can be complex. By offering complete data center solutions, Westwind can simplify the process and provide everything you need through one partnership.

Data Center Solutions

  • Infrastructure

    Building out your new data center includes the procurement of servers, storage, racks and cooling units, coils, cabling, sensors and monitoring units.Westwind will help ensure you have the right components, from certified OEMs.
  • High-Performance Computing

    Our customers in business and the Federal space are regularly tackling large-scale problems. HPC solutions aggregate computing power to allow for higher performance data processing, which lets organizations large and small integrate the latest in Big Data, AI and other advancements.
  • Containerization

    As technology shifts and changes, containerizing your legacy software dramatically improves system performance and security while freeing you up from obsolete hardware and associated maintenance costs.
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing Solutions will allow you to minimize maintenance costs and increase efficiency, while still following government security requirements. Westwind can offer assessments, and migration services so that you can migrate to a cloud environment easily with minimal down time.

Why Choose Westwind

With 20 years’ experience providing IT solutions, Westwind thinks beyond “the sale.” We listen to our customers to help them identify and eliminate pain points. Building a Data Center requires sourcing the right equipment and technology, and a keen understanding of your budget and long-term goals. Our approach is designed to provide optimization and create a scalable strategy for continued growth.

Westwind is committed to maintaining a Secure Supply Chain across all our services. We only work with top-tier equipment manufacturers and have protocols in place to ensure all equipment is safe, secure, and continuously monitored from the time it leaves the factory through final installation.

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