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A carefully planned Unified Communication strategy solves this problem by linking platforms for seamless usability between desktop and mobile and back again. Effective use of these tools can streamline communication, sync apps and enhance individual productivity. Westwind offers Unified Communication Solutions that include and enhance these systems:

We now have so many methods of communication – email, SMS, phone, instant messaging – that using disparate technologies in the workplace can lead to inefficiencies.

Professionals in a large conference room, video-conferencing on a large computer monitor

Video Conferencing

Man video-conferencing on two separate monitors from a huddle space

Huddle Spaces

Woman presenting to a group using a large screen to highlight key points to the audience

Conference/Training Rooms

Firefighters pictured, representing Unified Communication for Emergency Response Systems

Emergency Response Systems

Employees communicating within Command Center / Control Room

Command Centers/Control Rooms

The strategy of syncing communication platforms can also benefit the Emergency Response systems. Combining Unified Communication Solutions and AV Solutions, Westwind can plan and build a custom Emergency Response system that includes:

  • Syncing emergency communications across platforms
  • Secure phone systems
  • Secure connectivity/networking
  • Update monitors, digital walls, and digital signage
  • Intercom systems and audio

The Westwind Approach

Building and maintaining a Unified Communication System is not an easy undertaking for most organizations. Our approach is to help solve the problems that come up when building out a new solution. Our proposals consider up front costs and longer term maintenance budgets. We also help you look at the big picture – unified communications enhance productivity. This can drive revenue in one area and increase savings in another, helping our customers to validate the expenditure. We employ a consultative approach and work with customers to build a unique solution that addresses the needs and goals of your organization.

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