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Enabling anytime access to data isn’t just the way of the future – it’s critical in maximizing productivity. At Westwind, we understand that you are trying to do more with less. And we understand your security concerns. Our Cloud Computing Solutions can be tailored for an organization’s specific goals, applications, and needs, driving the usage and value of the system.

Customizable Cloud Computing Solutions

Westwind has trusted partnerships with a variety of cloud platform providers whether you’re focused on deploying an Off Premise, On Premise, or Hybrid cloud solution. We are here to help find the best solution fit for your organization. Some things to consider about the variety of cloud premise offerings:

Off-Premise Cloud

Also called “Public Cloud”, all information is housed in a third-party data center. Because the infrastructure is already in place, this option lets entities get set-up and deploy quickly. All service is maintained by the third-party, freeing your team to focus on other tasks. With secure data centers in multiple geographies your data is extremely safe from physical or cyber threats. This solution typically also has the lowest upfront costs.

On-Premise (OnPrem) Cloud

Perfect for government entities, or organizations that want to keep their data close to them. OnPrem cloud solutions still allow you to modernize and decentralize any of your applications while all your data is hosted internally. Having your data On-Prem lets you keep your data behind your own firewall and have complete control over all aspects of your storage system. This also means the owner is responsible for all maintenance and management. This option can be a good choice for entities that also maintain their own data center(s) because the infrastructure is already in place.

Hybrid Cloud

This option is a mix of OnPrem and Public Cloud. With a Hybrid Cloud option, you will have ownership and responsibility for the OnPrem segment, and partner with a third-party provider for the OffPrem piece. This option is good for entities that have dynamic or volume-changing workloads for less secure applications. You can maintain your core functionality through OnPrem Cloud and use the Public Cloud to accommodate seasonal or temporary spikes in use.

The Westwind Difference

We have been working in this area since the inception of Cloud Computing. Our on-staff cloud experts have deep familiarity with these solutions and are adept at guiding customers to a high-quality solution. We know what questions to ask to help determine the right solutions.

Contact us at 866-345-4720 to talk to our team of experts and build the solution that’s right for you.