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Ergonomic office solutions have come in and out of style over the last two decades, but the research is far more conclusive than trends – poorly designed workspaces can have a huge impact on worker health and productivity. With new research being made available, it’s not hard to see the benefit sit-stand workstation technology can have on your employees – and organization-wide productivity.

At Westwind, we develop complete solutions with a tailored focus on incorporating ergonomic products and efficiency analysis services that fit within your budget. We’ve also helped customers validate budget increases for ergonomics by projecting savings for healthcare costs and increased productivity.

Our team can help you fully outfit an ergonomic office to maximize worker health, well-being, and productivity.
We offer solutions in the following categories:

Man standing and working ergonomically at sit-stand desk

Sit-Stand Desks

Woman smiling and stretching from an ergonomic chair

Chairs and Alternative Seating Options

Working woman smiling while sitting at computer with her hands placed on mouse and keyboard in an in an ergonomic fashion

Ergonomic Accessories

(mice, keyboards, etc.)
Working woman smiling while sitting at desk, set up with adjustable solutions on her computer monitor, arm, and foot rests.

Adjustable Solutions

(monitor arm, foot rests, etc.)
Employees at personal workstations that enable them to quickly configure their computer workstations for optimal health and productivity

Ergonomic Software

(enables employees to quickly configure computer workstations for optimal health and productivity)

We recognize that the up front cost of ergonomic office solutions is a barrier for many organizations to implement this solution. To address this, we have developed relationships with multiple manufacturers so we can offer high-quality, effective solutions at a range of price points.

When partnering with Westwind, we won’t just show you the most recent trendy ergonomic solutions. We will work within your budget and timeline to help you build the solution you need today, and help you plan a phased approach to mitigate your capital expenditures. We also help you look at the big picture – enhanced productivity can drive revenue in one area and increase savings in another. Our goal is to help customers get where they want to be without losing sight of what’s important: budget, productivity, and employee well-being.

Build a healthier, more productive workforce with Westwind’s help.
Talk to a solutions expert today – 866-345-4720.