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AMT PostPro

Westwind and AMT PostPro

Westwind proudly partners with AMT PostPro, a technology leader delivering performance and reliability in the post processing of 3D parts.

Chemical Vapor Smoothing Solutions

PostPro Chemical Vapor Smoothing is a physio-chemical process that can smooth a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers. Patented surface sealing system offers increased mechanical properties, durability, color uniformity, skin and food contact. The process is highly controllable, allowing reproducible results with no degradation of a part’s mechanical properties.

PostPro 3D

PostPro 3D is tested, certified, and ready to use in your large-scale industrial productions. By enhancing part surface, PostPro 3D creates beautiful looking parts and improves mechanical performance, seals the surface (enabling easy cleaning, dying, and coating) while keeping dimensional accuracy without fixture marks. PostPro 3D offers almost 90 liters of smoothing space, a cycle time of under 2 hours, and compatibility with over 100 materials of both powder-bed fusion and fused filament fabrication.

3d printed nested build

PostPro3D Mini

The compact PostPro3D Mini is ideal for companies that want to start chemical vapor smoothing but have a lower production volume. With a very small footprint, the 50 liter chamber PostPro3D Mini works well for research and development, and design and production activities. As your production grows, you can add a second or third Mini or scale up to the industrial version with the PostPro 3D.


PostPro’s depowdering are perfect for cleaning 3D printed parts in high volume. Suitable for all commonly used materials and geometries, and can also be used for shot blasting. The machines have an operator friendly design configuration and are UL and CE certified.

PostProDP Pro

When you have hour after hour of cleaning or shot blasting, look to the PostProDP Pro. It is ergonomically designed and equipped with features to maximize your throughput. The generously sized basket allows you to optimize your blasting angle, quickly clean parts, while still allowing you to easily switch between batches. You can even store your autoblaster “formulas” for reuse.

PostPro DP

The PostPro DP is an ideal starter cleaning and shot blasting system. Robust, built to last, and affordable, this machine is built with the operator in mind.

Westwind works with innovators in additive manufacturing so you can accomplish more for less cost!

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Houses of Worship

Teal Westwind IT wolf logo, representing Audio Visual Solutions

AV Solutions
for Houses
of Worship

AV Solutions for Houses of Worship

Connecting with your parishioners, whether they’re homebound or onsite, and creating the right atmosphere for your traditional or contemporary service can help you deliver your message. 

Westwind has helped many houses of worship determine the right audio visual (AV) solutions to meet the needs of their existing and prospective members. From installing a streaming solution to deliver Sunday services to remote parishioners to setting up great audio to deliver a powerful message through music to helping secure a facility.

Westwind’s cutting-edge AV Solutions include the following categories:

People working in Command and Control center

Broadcasting & Streaming

High-quality streaming and camera systems to broadcast your message

Man pictured working with Mobile Response Systems


From stage lighting to pulpit lighting for modern, contemporary, and traditional services

Office workers conferencing with a remote group of people, in a Collaboration / Huddle Space


Sound Systems: including lavalier and choir mics, speakers, receivers and digital sound boards

Professionals sitting in a large conference room and videoconferencing with a large projection screen

Projection & Video Walls

DirectView LED – Bright, high pixel pitches for crystal clear clarity indoors or out

Tall New York buildings pictured with bright and colorful Digital Signage and Displays


Interactive displays for optimal engagement with parishioners. From touch screen displays and automated intelligence platforms to content management

Large Auditorium hall showcasing sound and lighting systems

Control Systems

Control systems through Westwind are robust yet easy to use, giving you full control of the audio and video features no matter where you’re presenting from

Large Performance Stage, showcasing portable AV solutions

Physical Security

Fixed and Mobile Surveillance – Connected, intelligent, cohesive physical security solutions. (Rack equipment, POE switches, IP cameras, and NVR/recording)

The Westwind Difference

With the help of industry leading partners like S&L Integrated, Westwind custom designs and installs quality yet affordable AV solutions for houses of worship across the country. We take complex technologies and make them simple to produce a successful, complete solution for your unique situation. Westwind is aligned with the industry’s top manufacturers to provide core technologies for multiple solutions. Our industry-certified technical support and seasoned sales teams offer their expertise as a resource for you.

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