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Advancements in 3D printing have created a unique opportunity to fuse industrial manufacturing with traditional IT processes, for applications across many fields. Multi-Jet Fusion Technology can be used to create spare parts, enable short-run manufacturing, design and build custom prosthetics, and actualize innovative visual aids and teaching tools.

We provide the following 3D Printing solutions for a range of industries and applications that offer speed, quality, and cost-effective design:


AON3D make high temperature industrial 3D printing accessible. Print using some of the world’s strongest thermoplastics, and exceptionally versatile, high-performing materials…PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM to name a few!

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Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal offers machines that print using a variety of metals as well as machines that use thermoplastics, PEEK, and PEKK. These affordable metal and carbon fiber printers provide volume production, with speed and capacity. You can print end-use metal, carbon fiber, PEEK, or PEKK parts with the quality, surface finish and tolerances needed to co-exist with machining.

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  • Desktop Metal Shop System 3D printer and furnace side-by-side
  • angled view of Desktop Metal Production 3D printer system
  • man standing in front of the Desktop Metal composite 3D printer in an automotive shop


ETEC has been innovating in the 3D print space since its founding in 2002. Innovations to solve real-world problems for demanding, cost-sensitive customers in a variety of industries, who manufacture prototypes, tooling, parts and final products. Today, their printers are known for delivering excellent precision, surface finish, functionality and speed.

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Additive manufacturing technology is becoming the leading choice for a wide range of manufacturing, prototyping, and visualization use cases.
3D print technology enables:

Green Production
3D printing solutions can reduce energy usage, material waste, and material costs when compared to traditional manufacturing processes.
Own the Solution
Do you need to reverse-engineer legacy equipment parts? Or create new parts to solve a problem and improve efficiency? 3D printing solutions let you own the solution – design and print the part you need in your own environment, to your own specifications.
Rapid Prototyping
Having access to fully updated prototypes reduces risk and facilitates research and development at a more efficient and rapid rate.
Manufacturing Game-Changer
Overhaul the traditional production process by eliminating multiple assembly points. Reduce large inventory obstacles by enabling on-demand part printing.

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