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Westwind and Desktop Metal

Westwind is proud to partner with Desktop Metal, a company that is reinventing the way your engineering and manufacturing teams produce metal parts – from prototyping through mass production. With metal and fiber printers, Desktop Metal offers 3D print system solutions for any industry.

Featured Partner Products

Shop System™

The Shop System™ is the world’s first metal binder jetting system created for machine shops and metal job shops. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate into your shop’s workflow to improve productivity across a range of manufacturing scenarios. Manufacturers can leverage affordable, high-quality binder jetting technology to batch produce fully dense, high-resolution, end-use metal parts. Even with its unparalleled speed (10x faster, print a build per shift), the Shop System still delivers quality, solid parts, no debind or infill required. Achieve surface finishes as low as 4µm Ra out of the furnace, and <0.1µm Ra with mass finishing.

Studio System™ 2

Easy, two-step processing. Step 1: Print. Step 2: Sinter.

Making complex, high-performance, custom metal parts has never been easier. Featuring a breakthrough two-step process, next-generation Separable Supports, and a software-controlled workflow, the Studio System 2 is designed to fit an office environment. High resolution, office-friendly, metal 3D printing. In-house and built to scale. Offering an end-to-end solution that delivers a seamless workflow for printing complex, high density, reliable performance metal parts in-house—from digital file to sintered part. With a simplified, two-step process that eliminates the need for solvent debinders, has no hazardous metal powders or lasers, required no dedicated operators, and no special facilities needs.


Fiber™ combines the exceptional performance of continuous fiber with the ease of fused filament fabrication (FFF) printing to produce high-performance parts that are stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, and can operate continuously in the toughest environments up to 250 ºC. Fiber™ prints with two printheads—one dedicated to continuous fiber tape; one dedicated to chopped fiber-reinforced filament. Continuous fiber reinforcement, low porosity, and multi-directional reinforcement. Fiber™ prints exceptional part quality and a wide range of engineering-grade materials — all on a user-friendly, desktop printer. With a wide range of materials, easy-to-use platform, Fiber™ offers high-quality composite printing at an affordable price point.

Production System™

The Production System™ delivers the speed, quality and cost-per-part needed to compete with traditional manufacturing methods. It’s the fastest way to print complex metal parts at scale. Breakthrough Single Pass Jetting™ technology delivers speeds up to 12,000cm3/hr—more than 100x faster than quad-laser metal printers and over 4x faster than the closest binder jetting alternative. Zero tooling required. In addition, low-cost MIM powder, high throughput, and
simple post-processing deliver per-part costs that are competitive with traditional
manufacturing processes.


Desktop Metals offers machines that use thermoplastics, PEEK and PEKK in additional to machines that print using a variety of metals.

PEEK + Carbon Fiber

PEEK is characterized by exceptional mechanical properties, high resistance to surface abrasion, and is inherently flame retardant. When combined with continuous carbon fiber, the resulting composite is strong, stiff, and boasts a high fatigue level—making it great for high-wear manufacturing jigs and fixtures.

PEKK + Carbon Fiber

PEKK is characterized by its high tensile and compression strength, resistance to chemical abrasion, and ability to withstand high temperatures (above 250 °C). When reinforced with carbon fiber, resulting parts are exceptionally durable and well-suited for extreme environments including high-temperature applications.


An alloy of titanium, aluminum and vanadium, the material properties of Ti64 – particularly its high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance – make it an ideal material for a wide variety of high-performance applications.

Stainless Steels 17-4 & 316L

17-4 PH is a precipitation hardening steel used in a range of industrial applications including those with mildly corrosive environments and high-strength requirements. With corrosion resistance and performance at both high and low temperatures, 316L is a fully austenitic stainless-steel ideal for harsh environments.

H13 Tool Steel & 4140 Steel

H13 is an abrasion resistant, hot work tool steel with exceptional hot hardness, resistance to thermal fatigue cracking, and stability in heat treatment—an ideal metal for both hot work and cold work tooling applications. One of the most versatile steels, 4140 boasts toughness, high fatigue strength, and abrasion and impact resistance—a great all-purpose steel for industrial applications.

Copper & Coming Soon, Alloy 625

Because of its electrical and thermal conductivity and ductility, Copper is ideal for electrical equipment, plumbing, and heat transfer. Alloy 625 is a nickel-based superalloy noted for its hardness and abrasion resistance as well as its performance at high temperatures. It’s suitable for the most extreme environments. 

Nylon 6 (PA6) + Carbon Fiber

This Nylon 6 (PA6) with carbon fiber reinforcement is safe for operations where ESD compliance is required. With a tensile strength 30x stronger than ABS, PA6 + CF is excellent for jigs, fixtures, and end-of-arm tooling, including those used in electronics manufacturing.

Nylon 6 (PA6) + Fiberglass

Fiberglass-reinforced nylon is a low-cost material which renders lightweight, high-strength and corrosion-resistant parts—a great match for sporting goods or marine applications, where parts are exposed to the elements and have a low target cost per part.

Production System™ Materials

Your material. Printed at scale. Featuring an open materials platform, the Production System makes metal 3D printing a viable option for applications in all industries and environments.

Westwind works with innovators in additive manufacturing so you can accomplish more for less cost!