The combination of technology and materials science has made 3D print affordable, faster, and cleaner. As a result, we are seeing expanded benefits and applications for 3D printing in a range of industries.

Additive Manufacturing Applications Across a Variety of Industries


Innovation requires the ability to move quickly and try different iterations of a part or process. 3D Printing Solutions allow aerospace designers, engineers, and manufacturers to produce new and experimental parts for UAVs and aircraft. This technology can also streamline construction and development of new aerospace equipment.

Female engineer standing in front of an industrial complex working on a laptop

Little girl running in in a green field, with custom fitted 3D printed leg braces

Healthcare (Medical and Dental)

Custom prosthetics is leading the drive for 3D Printing Solutions in healthcare, but there are many applications for the medical and dental fields. This technology has also created custom orthotics, cranial remolding helmets, casts, dental night guards, and aligners, just to name a few.

Consumer Electronics & Goods

As the marketplace grows with highly specialized products, 3D Printing offers greater flexibility when building home goods, apparel, toys, and sports equipment.
Hands holding a pair of prescription glasses, representing 3D printed consumer goods and electronics

Young male doctor holds and observes a 3D printed mold of a patients heart.

Education & Research Labs

Any environment where visualization and learning are important will reap the benefits of 3D Printing Solutions. This technology allows for endless options with visual aids, prototypes, and other custom tools for teaching and training.


Working in the field, soldiers and military professionals don’t always have access to what they need when they need it. The availability of 3D Printing Solutions on military ships and in remote areas lets users create replacement parts for equipment and weaponry and access critical supplies and tools without the lag of delivery or the expense of stocking excessive inventory.
A UAS pictured flying in the sky, representing military personnel using 3D print in the field

A woman positioned in front of an HP 3D printer holding a 3D printed automotive part


Whether building racecars or rebuilding classic engines, the automotive industry relies on the ability to access the right parts. 3D Printing Solutions give technicians the ability to reverse-engineer legacy parts, and dream up new, innovative solutions as they develop creative ways to get from Point A to Point B. This technology has been used to build new parts and solve problems for international racing teams, inspiring mechanics to completely reimagine engine building and efficiency.

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