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As new technologies emerge in the unmanned space, our team is constantly identifying and creating superior solutions across applications and industries. Unmanned vehicles have the power to change how public safety agencies save lives, increase efficiency for construction and engineering, and let you monitor assets in hard-to-reach places.

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Here are some of the Unmanned Vehicle Solutions we currently provide:

Autel – Aerial

Autel Robotics is dedicated to delivering ground-breaking solutions for new aerial exploration through market-leading quadcopter and camera drone technology. Autel’s quadcopters and flying/remote control GoPro camera systems provide superior aerial imaging, filming, and photography solutions.

Investigate Autel’s products

  • Front and top view of Autel Robotics drone in flight
  • in flight with a view of the undercarriage
  • close-up of the camera technology

  • Yuneec drone in flight above mountains with a close-up of all 6 rotors
  • Yuneec drone view of the undercarriage and indicator lights on Yuneec drone in flight
  • Yuneec drone in flight with a clear view of the camera technology

Yuneec – Aerial

Yuneec has pushed the limits above and beyond in electric aviation for over 15 years. Yuneec offers a diverse selection of drone models for a wide range of applications from thermal optics to facial detection to wide-angle cameras. As important as the features and versatility Yuneec offers, is the focus on safety. Yuneec drones are equipped with helpful features like a return home function, pre-programmed no-fly zones, and other security measures. In addition, many Yuneec drones are hexacopter and because of the 6-rotor system, they can still be controlled and landed safely with 5 rotor, even in the event of a motor failure.

Find out more about Yuneec’s products

Powervision PowerRay – Underwater

This versatile unmanned vehicle can dive up to 98 feet with four hours’ dive time for crystal-clear imaging for fishing, filming, and inspecting underwater assets and utilities. PowerRay’s video stabilization adjusts for and holds specific angles for maximum precision when exploring. Fixed depth hovering is accurate within 4 inches. This unit has some outstanding user features, including VR goggles for gesture-based hands-free control. Its programming offers three modes for beginners, experienced pilots, and professionals.

  • Powervision PowerRay underwater drone swimming alongside fish
  • Powervision PowerRay drone underwater with view of the headlights and undercarriage camera technology
  • top view of Powervision PowerRay underwater drone

Who We Serve

Government agencies at the Federal, state and local levels, as well as private industries, are now using unmanned technology to reach past physical limits, explore new worlds, save lives, and harness technology in new and efficient ways. Unmanned solutions are used every day in a variety of industries.

Not sure what certifications you need, or training opportunities available to you and your team? Let us help. We can customize corporate or individual training programs to ensure that you’re getting the best operational value from your Unmanned Solutions.

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