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Making a Difference with Unmanned Technology

Unmanned technology has a huge range of applications across different industries and sectors. We see our customers as partners, so we get to know your industry, your work and your needs to identify complete solutions for Unmanned technology and beyond.

Here’s a look at some of the applications for unmanned technology across different industries:

Public Safety

Police | Fire | SAR | Law Enforcement | Security | EMS

One of the most exciting aspects of unmanned technology is its ability to save lives – both for civilians and for first responders. In emergency situations, public safety agencies often need eyes in an area that isn’t safe for humans to go. Unmanned technology solves this problem quickly and efficiently. UAV can be used for observation in active shooter situations, deployment of CS for crowd control, or in pursuit of vehicles or suspects fleeing on foot. There are advancements in technology that can test air quality, so agencies can choose when it’s safe to send first responders into an affected area.

  • Police

  • Fire

  • Security

  • SAR

  • EMS

  • Law Enforcement

  • NOAA

  • DOD

  • USGS




Agencies like the Forest Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration can benefit from sending technology to a place that humans can’t reach easily. This kind of technology can aid in monitoring forest fires and controlled burns without needlessly endangering fire crews. They can also conduct complex geological and environmental surveys by land, air, or water.

Engineering & Commerce

Urban Development | Agricultural | Construction | Transportation | Utility Companies

Unmanned solutions have broad capabilities for observing and monitoring large-scale projects, from building a skyscraper to maintaining thousands of acres of growing lands. With urban development, unmanned technology gives agencies and private firms the ability to survey large areas and review hard-to-reach assets like bridges, power lines, and underwater assets. Drone technology can help builders monitor progress at building sites and maximize efficiencies on other tasks, such as moving soil. For agriculture, we’ve seen incredible innovations around monitoring, and locating diseased or drought-affected areas in large-scale crops.

  • Construction

  • Agricultural

  • Utility Companies

  • Transportation

  • Urban Development

  • Events

  • Festivals

  • Film

Arts & Entertainment

Events | Festivals | Film

In this space, we see frequent use of UAV for shooting photo and video for promotional and production purposes. Camera drones are growing more sophisticated all the time, and production teams can now use them for vehicle-to-vehicle filming and nimble flying for indoor use. In addition to filming and photography, this technology can serve clients with crowd monitoring & control, and location scouting.

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