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Let us help set you up for success from the first flight, of your unmanned vehicles. Outfitting your vehicle with the right hardware from the start can maximize the efficiency of your mission. When building a solution for your entity, our unmanned technology subject matter experts will ask the right questions to understand your needs on a deep level. From there, we can make recommendations based on the end-goals of your unmanned program.

Westwind Unmanned Hardware Solutions include:

FoxFury Lighting Solutions

A good lighting system is essential for nighttime use and flying in low-light situations. We have chosen to partner with FoxFury for unmanned lighting needs because they offer a wide range of products and mounts for different brands and manufacturers. FoxFury’s high CRI lights are cordless, weather-proof and rechargeable. We can also offer a wide range of supporting products, such as color bands for customizable lighting solutions and free-standing scene/production lighting for flying areas.

Review FoxFury Lighting Solutions

Leica Geosystems

Our partnership with Leica Geosystems, allows us to offer best in class technology solutions for mapping, surveying, reality capture and more. Digital recreation of environments allows engineers to design with the highest degree of precision and efficiency. Urban planning to production ecosystem, we can ensure the solution you need is scalable and sustainable.

IT Specific Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience as a Value-Added-Retail in the Federal IT space, we have the partnerships to create your complete Unmanned Solution. Here a few of the IT solution capabilities that we offer:

  • Rugged Mobility
  • Display
  • Data Storage
  • Field Operation equipment


Our experience in the unmanned industry lets us get to know your needs and help guide you to the right solutions that are cost effective and supportive of your organization’s end goals.

Drone technology with heat sensors can be integral to law enforcement when tracking a suspect. The right lighting can make or break a film project that requires aerial photography. And there are many other applications for unmanned technology that we can explore, such as the ability to deploy smoke for crowd control and using UAV to deliver supplies in hard-to-reach areas. Whatever your need, we are committed to creating complete solutions so you have everything you need from your first flight to your last.

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Let us help build the best solution for your organization today!