Smart Tech Solutions

Westwind will help you stay ahead of the curve with next-generation tech innovations. Visit our booth during NLIT to check them out for yourself!

Interactive Sharing

LG CreateBoard™ Multi Touch Interactive Whiteboard

From blended learning environments to gamification to flipped learning, LG CreateBoard has the versatility you need to help students, teachers, and IT pros thrive today. Stay connected and easily send files to linked devices. Inspiration is more accessible with cloud collaboration and the CreateBoard’s interactive panel.

IT Asset Management

Self-Vending Tech Kiosks

Your IT staff should never have to travel somewhere just to hand someone a mouse. With Signifi’s IT asset management (ITAM) solutions, you can dispense IT hardware through self-vending kiosks in convenient locations.

We See and Hear You Loud and Clear


The Poly Studio X70 video bar combines stunning design with razor-sharp 4K video and boardroom-filling stereo that brings your large meeting rooms to life. Its all-in-one construction means you can trash all those annoying cables and stop calling IT for help. AI-driven video and audio experiences. Running the Zoom Video Application at NLIT which provides users with a native Zoom experience.


An 8″ high-resolution touch display that pairs to Poly OS Video devices. It delivers a native partner controller experience. In our setup at NLIT, it will be a native Zoom Room Controller as it’s paired back to the Studio X70 in Zoom Room mode.

NLIT Show Details

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Workspace Solutions

Through Westwind, you can secure all the items you need for your workspace solutions from desk to mouse. 


HP Inc
Digitus Biometrics

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