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Westwind and Materialise

Westwind proudly partners with Materialise, a leader in 3D software that allows you to manage and control your workflow more efficiently.

Featured Partner Products

Materialise Magics

Materialise Magics is the core component of the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite, an extensive software portfolio that enables you to manage every step of the AM workflow. Materialise Magics is a versatile, industry-leading data preparation and STL editor software for Additive Manufacturing that allows you to convert files to STL, repair errors, edit your design and prepare your build platform.

3d printed nested build

Sinter Module (Nesting)

The Magics Sinter Module makes your sinter process time and cost effieicent. The module is equipped with a powerful multi-core nesting algorithm that automatically and quickly nests your parts. You can literally build more parts in less time. It offers advanced options to protect small parts, indicate no-build zones and print on multiple machines.

HP Build Processor

The HP Build Processor establishes a seamless connection from the software to the printer. The benefits include a simplified workflow for the user (with the possibility to assign the available 3D printer-specific build styles to the platform), as well as the possibility of creating build jobs for all of the HP Jet Fusion 3D printers. Find out more about its extensive range of machine-specific and technology-neutral solutions.

Westwind works with innovators in additive manufacturing so you can accomplish more for less cost!