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At Westwind, our customers are our partners. Over our 20-year history, we have come to understand how budgets and funding impact different organizations. As a result, we’ve created finance options for our 3D Printing Solutions that meet the varying needs of your organization and enable the opportunity for you to invest in the latest 3D Printing technology.

Here’s an overview of the finance options we offer for 3D Printing Solutions:


When purchasing your 3D Print Solution, we provide an invoice with standard Net 30 terms. We offer a variety of contract vehicles to assist our Federal and State Government customers with procurement. With this option you own the product from the moment it’s delivered to your location.

Device as a Subscription (DaaS)

The DaaS option offers greater flexibility, with smaller payments and the flexibility to refresh or upgrade technology as needed. The DaaS option can also include a materials subscription. This saves customers the expense of purchasing materials up-front, storage, and potential loss from unused/expired material.

Lease to Purchase

With our lease-to-purchase agreement, terms typically range from three to five years. This option offers aggressive rates, and options for bundling services and hardware. Our team can walk you through the options and terms of a lease-to-purchase plan that will fit within the scope of your organizational needs.

All finance options account for the OEM guarantee and warranty.

The Westwind Commitment

When partnering with Westwind for your 3D Printing Solution, customers can trust that we are committed to providing the right solution to achieve your mission. That commitment extends to supporting you through the choice of the right finance option to achieve your unique goals.

Contact our 3D Printing experts today at 866-345-4720 to learn more about the right solution for you.