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3D Print Revolutionizes Prosthetics

Advances in additive manufacturing (AM) continue to positively impact doctors, medical device manufacturers, and patients. AM technology improved a custom medical device: device fit and comfort, materials used, time to create, and actual manufacturing. Additionally, read how an orthotics provider that switched from traditional to AM benefited their customer base and their bottom line.

Best Ways to Protect Your Enterprise from Cyber Threats

Why should organizations improve their cybersecurity posture in 2022? What can be done to prevent cyber attacks? We’ve noted a handful of items for organizations to review to mitigate potential data breaches and to shore up their cybersecurity.

The Business Value of HPE GreenLake Managed Services

IDC interviewed organizations about their use of HPE GreenLake to supporting their server, storage, database, and app environments. IT teams were able to take on more valuable activities, ensure robust security and systems performance, and achieve IT efficiencies. IDC calculated the value of these benefits…

Produce Manufacturing Aids with 3D Print

The benefits of 3D for manufacturers are many:  print-on-demand, rapid-prototyping, design modifications, weight reduction just to name a few. You can also consolidate part assembly. See how additive manufacturing saved time and costs by taking a 7-piece drill shoe and consolidating it into one piece.

Optimizing for a Remote Workforce

Whether your business is new to remote workspace solutions or you’ve had remote workers for years, reviewing these best practices can help you maintain maximum productivity for your employees while in their remote office environment.

3D Print Technology Empowers Healthcare Providers Worldwide

CONMED is a global medical technology company that is focusing their additive manufacturing strategy centers on research and development. Through the use of RIZE 3D printing, they are delivering world-class products that save lives.

Minimize Paper, Maximize Law Enforcement

What if you could reduce time and money spent managing field reports, accident summaries, or inmate records? Read more to learn how HP’s record processing solution can help optimize your fleet while ensuring data and document security.

Rewriting the Brain for Less Pain

In the US alone approximately 25.3 million adults or 11.2%, have experienced pain every day for the previous three months. Chronic pain is a pervasive issue, and now there may be a way for doctors to help lessen that pain using VR technology.

DUI Checkpoint Case Study

Illumination of strategic inspection areas and clear visibility for officer safety are critical at DUI Checkpoints. 

STEM Style — Real-world Delivered to the Classroom

“We invest a lot in technology, because we see it as a critical success factor. Without reliable high-quality technology, every other investment we make —in training, in programs —would be less effective.” — Glenn Prisk, technology career coordinator, Weber School District

With Additive Manufacturing Soldiers Get Parts Faster

The United States Army Armament Research, Development Engineering Center (ARDEC) works on advanced materials and technologies. ARDEC consistently tests additive manufacturing materials and printers to use for unique applications in the field, where soldiers need parts and custom tools on demand.

3D Print technology serves our military personnel worldwide

Ira Green manufactures unique uniform & accoutrements using RIZE ONE in the design office to save $120K annually, increasing accuracy and cutting long lead times and virtually eliminating errors.

Improving Patient Safety: Implications of IoT, IT Devices, AND Wearables on infection control strategies

Unfortunately, Health Associated Infections spread in part because so many vectors exist within patient environments. Inanimate vectors such as smart-phones, IT and IoT devices, wearables and other electronics were the focus of the I-SWIPE trial.

In-Vehicle Connectivity for Public Safety

The ability to blend multiple network connections to share real-time information and provide situation awareness across agencies is mission critical.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider HPE Nimble Storage DHCI

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is powered with HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, providing enterprises simplicity for virtualized environments.

Take Creativity to the next level

Change the game with the best real-time, interactive digital design tool using high performance, extremely stable, innovative technology.

What is SafeCase?

Did you know that even the most advanced mobile security solutions on the market can’t overcome the limitations of the smartphone’s vulnerable architecture? An ExoComputer is a secondary computing device that can provide trusted services independent of an associated mobile device.

Commercial VR Solutions Are Here – Are You Ready?

HP has the world’s most comprehensive virtual reality portfolio. Utilize the world’s highest resolution head-mounted display & free-roam experience solution (doubling as a compact desktop) to drive your business forward for the future.

The Hijacking of Smartphone Cameras and Microphones

With the adoption of smartphones, came an enormous surveillance opportunity. Surveillants have achieved the ability to remotely hijack smartphone cameras and microphones through multi-stage malware suites.

Hurlbut Visuals chooses HP Z Workstations for post-production

“I do a lot of multi-camera editing, working with R3D native files. The HP Z Workstation just handles its business.” – Dylan Leong, Lead editor, Hurlbut Visuals

Stantec picks all-flash for mission-critical environment

August 12, 2019

The 1st measurable improvement was roughly a 20% reduction in batch times. The guys running batch jobs asked, ‘What happened? These things are fast!’ In the past, network flooding caused the system to become I/O-bound. We aren’t seeing that now.

Globally architected, locally delivered

August 12, 2019

HPE helped us build a global private cloud that centralized our infrastructure, allowing us to deliver better services across our network of marketing agencies and benefit from applications—with zero down time. – Jason Cohen, Global CIO, DAS

Cognitive Collaboration

August 12, 2019

Information overload creates ineffective interactions and hurts productivity. 90% of all digital information is unstructured data in disparate databases and 61% of workers need 4+ apps during the work day. So, what’s the solution?

3D Printing comes of age in US industrial manufacturing

August 1, 2019

Expectations and needs for just-in-time and customized products are on the rise, making 3DP a force of disruption in restructuring supply chains and changing customer relationships. 2/3 of US manufacturers are using 3DP – chiefly in prototyping.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing accelerates performance with hyperconverged IT

July 31, 2019

In a sport where wins are decided by a hundredth of a second, every vehicle component and every decision matters. Hyperconverged IT plays a pivotal role in the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team’s success.

6 Steps to Smarter Unified Communications

July 31, 2019

People expect their workplace technology to enable a smarter way of working how, when, and where they work best. Does your unified communications stack stand up to the challenge of your most valuable resources?

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