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Westwind and LG

Westwind proudly partners with LG to provide a range of commercial TV’s and digital signage.

Featured Partner Products

Digital Signage

Increase your company’s impact while leaving a lasting impression with LG Digital Signage. Improve your sales and find unexpected benefits to your business with LG Digital Signage.

OLED Signage

Dual-View OLED Commercial Displays available in flat and curved tiling configurations. LG Commercial Display offers state-of-the-art products and technologies to benefit every facet of your operations. Nothing compares to LG OLED. These amazing displays are available in curved tiling, arched and flat configurations, with the ability to swap and mirror content on either side of the screen. The displays provide perfect blacks and intense colors.

Transparent Display

With an IPS panel, transparent display provides a superb wide viewing angle and accurate color while creating better clarity for an effective advertising showcase.

Westwind works with innovators in commercial TV’s and digital signage so you can accomplish more for less cost!