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Westwind and Autel

Westwind is proud to offer affordable, high quality solutions from Autel. Autel’s product line provides foldable drones with superior cameras and command and control capabilities. Autel products are made in the USA with foreign and US components and labor.

Featured Partner Products


Autel introduces its next generation EVO. EVO II boasts HDR video and dynamic 48mp stills. 12 computer vision sensors controlled by a dual-core processor and AI machine learning create omni-directional obstacle avoidance. Begin detecting potential hazards at up to 30m away. EVO II can navigate itself in all directions while avoiding obstacles or you can maintain control and use the radar feature to give the pilot more information on the environment. Command your drone up to 9km away. A longer range means a stronger signal, keeping you connected in crowded urban environments or thick forests. Up to 40 min of forward motion flight time and 35 min at a hover.


Capture stunning detail with a 1-inch sensor that boasts 6k resolution with an adjustable aperture, HDR and intuitive camera controls. The EVO II Pro is a great choice for aerial cinematographers and mapping pilots.


By adding a FLIR long wavelength infrared (LWIR) camera and 8K sensor to the EVO II, you get the EVO II Dual which provides all the capabilities of the EVO II plus a thermal resolution up to 640×512. First responders, contractors and business owners finally have a compact and portable tool that gives them the data they have been asking for.


EVO is a compact folding unit equipped with a powerful camera on a 3-axis stabilize gimbal that records video at 4k resolution up to 60 frames per second and a recording speed up to 100mbps in an H.264 or H.265 codec. Using real-glass optics EVO captures stunning photos at 12 megapixels with a wide dynamic range for more details and color. Integrated advanced computer vision systems provide forward obstacle avoidance, rear obstacle detection and bottom sensors for more accurate landings and stable indoor flights. EVO boasts flight times up to 30 minutes with a range of 4.3 miles (7KM). Additionally, EVO offers failsafe features letting you know when the battery is low and it’s time to return to home.

Live Deck

Output your EVO’s video feed through HDMI, Ethernet or USB without being connected to your remote. All three can be connected and outputting at the same time, giving the viewer full app control and a clean feed. Live Deck seamlessly outputs up to 1080p video at EVO’s industry leading 60 Frames Per Second. With up to 4 hours of internal battery life, you can place the receiver where it improves your workflow, not where you need to plug in for power. Display your feed on an HD TV or connect to a cloud broadcasting server.

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